We need your support J

    STRAY CATS HOME is a charitable organization that provides assistance to homeless abandoned cats that are abused in Hong Kong. Over the last few years,
    we have dedicated ourselves to re-home the friendly ones; and through the TNR program we helped with neutering other feral cats and releasing them back to
    their colonies. We also provide a permanent home for those cats that may never be adopted.

    Privately funded, Stray Cats Home is operated by a group of cat lovers with full time jobs. Each of us chip in whatever time and money we can afford, but at that
    times some would cut off their donation and contact completely for whatever reason. with most of our funds spent on rental & utilities, this barely covers our vet
    bills which range from medical check-ups, vaccinations & de-worming to surgical operations in some cases.

    SCH became an approved charity by the HK IRD on march 27, 2007, but we have not received any subsidy or assistance form the government. Your donations
    make it possible for us to carry on our mission and benefit more cats in need. No donation is considered too large or too small.

    We guarantee that each & every penny we receive goes exclusively to the cats we strive to help. 

    Contributions in the form of cat supplies & other necessities are also welcomed. You can specify if your donation is for "General operational expenses",
    "Sponsorship"or "Medical expenses.

    In order not to be overwhelmed by recklessly abandoned cats, we presently choose not to expose our address to the public. But we urge you to please check
    our website for frequent updates & detailed expense reports. Donors can fill out the  Autopay authorization and mail it back to us; or you could choose
    Online Banking or

and send us email notification of the transaction details, all monetary donations over HK$100.00 are tax deductible.
Donors can also depositdirectly into our bank account and email us the deposit slips with your full name. We will then issue receipts for tax purposes. In addition,
    donations will be listedin our Budget Reports.

                                                                                                                     We and the cats are all grateful to your generous support!

                                                                                                                                                   STRAY CATS HOME A/C : HSBC 817-092901-292

    Stray Cats Home Association Limited

                                                                                                                                   Mail Address : P.O. Box No. 79564 at Mong Kok Post Office

                                                                                                                                                                                  E-mail : info@straycatshome.org