1. Adopters must be 21 years of age or over. Parents or guardians living at the same address must adopt on behalf of those under 21.
  1. Adopters should provide daily sufficient quantities of nutritious food, fresh water, enough space and a safe living environment for the cat(s). This includes installing cat proof screens on windows & balcony doors.
  1. Adopters should agree to the following:
    1. Never to strike or otherwise harm the cat(s).
    2. Never to have the cat(s) de-clawed.
    3. Never to cage or tie up the cat(s) in a confind area for long period of time.
  1. Cats should not be placed outdoors. They can only be taken outside when precautions such as leashes, hand-carry baskets or cages are used.
  1. Adopters should ensure that the cat¡¦s vaccinations & medical checkups are current, and to provide immediate veterinarian care upon sickness, disease or injury.
  1. Under no circumstances will the adopted cat(s) be sold or allowed to use for breeding or experimental purposes. As an effort of deterrence, Stray Cats Home (SCH) requires a non-refundable adoption fee of $500 for each cat (this includes the first vaccination with records provided). All funds will be used for the benefit of other resident cats at SCH.
  1. De-sexing (spaying / neutering) is compulsory. Kittens should be de-sexed at the approximate age of 6 months. (De-sexing prevents unwanted litters and disease in later life.) If the adopted kitten(s) is/are too young to be de-sexed at the time of adoption, an additional $500 deposit is required before the pet is taken home. This deposit will be fully refunded when the pet is de-sexed by a qualified veterinarian surgeon.
  1. Ownership of the adopted cat(s) cannot be transferred to another person without SCH¡¦s approval. SCH must be immediately notified in case of a loss or death of an adopted cat(s) (within 24 hours of its happening).
  1. If the adopted cat(s) must be relinquished for any reason by the adopters, he/she but must return the cat(s) to SCH and not abandon the cat(s) to another humane society, shelter or person.
  1. SCH reserves the right to home visits, pre-arranged at a date & time convenient to adopters & SCH. The purpose is to ensure that the terms of this adoption agreement are being observed.
  1. All information provided by adopters on this contract, including contact information (emails, home address & phone numbers) must be true, accurate & kept up to date. We would require our adopters to kindly inform us of any changes in the future. All personal information collected will be kept confidential.
  1. Once the application is approved, SCH members will bring the cat(s) to the adopters¡¦ residence upon arrangement, where & when the agreement letter will be signed. At the same time, adopters are required to have their picture taken with the adopted cat(s) for our records; and to present HKID & documentary proof of residential address.

Please read the provision by all means,
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